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Ten Minutes With Sonia

Lisa Prosser

Posted on May 07 2019

We caught up with Sonia between takes of her very busy schedule and found out a bit more about how this extraordinary multi-tasker does it all...


You started your career as an actress, was it difficult to break into acting and what was your first job?

I actually started my career as an “actress/model”! I would book all these TV and Cinema commercials one after another. In other words I was an actress that looked like a model that could perform. During that same time I also started venturing into TV drama’s, theatre plays and feature films. My first ever Tv job was a commercial for a Beacon chocolate called Double Whammy.


You’re still acting and producing and last year you delved into the fashion industry aswell! Have you found the transition a natural progression or has it been hard to juggle these different ventures?

I honestly think I was born to juggle...I don’t think there’ll ever come a time I’d feel as if I’ve bitten more than I could chew. Everything that gets birthed in my spirit ends up being realized and auctioned. Design has always been imbedded in me and it was honestly no surprise that God was thrusting me into my next chapter, which I’ve taken up with all the passion I could spare!


How did the collaboration with Pesso come about?

I mentioned to my Agent that I was looking at going into design a few years ago. Last year I got a call from her saying “guess what...you’re designer dreams are about to become a reality”! I went to her offices only to be met my Lisa and Lou from Pesso who wanted to collaborate. That was in August 2018, by September the design process started and by October we were expecting our first collab shipment.


What do you love about shoes and do you have some favourites from your new collection?

Ohhh my goodness... what don’t I love about shoes. But forever and always style and comfort has been always key. And that what we were going for when we worked on the Signature Collection. We designed the most stylish shoes with an element of unsurpassed comfort. My favorite shoe this season would definitely be “Lady Luck”.


Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by people or brands that have staying power. I don’t buy too much into fads or fleeting fashion trends. The more classical the look the better.


What has been your greatest accomplishment in life?

I honestly believe that as far as my accomplishments are concerned, this is just the beginning. If I’m going to reach mogul status I'm going to have to work smart and that’s exactly my state of mind!


What characteristic do you value most in people?

I admire driven and passionate people. I can’t stand people who are coasting, immature and irresponsible. You can’t always be late for work, or never know what’s going on around you or don’t respond to emails, WhatsApp’s or messages. That just says lazy to me and I definitely don’t subscribe.


What would be a good theme song for your life?

“I just can’t give up now...I’ve come too far from where I started from...nobody told me, the world would be easy but I don’t believe, he’s brought me this far, to leave me”....!


It seems like the world is you oyster! Are there any other industries you’re interested in exploring?

Oh yes...next stop the universe!


lady luck

Lady Luck - Sonia's pick of the season!

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