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White space is where the magic happens

Lisa Prosser

Posted on October 29 2020

If we have learnt one thing from 2020 it is to slow down.

As uncertain as it was being in lock down, didn't we all find joy in a much slower pace of life, finally having time for the people we love and the things we love doing?

We reassessed our lives and current circumstances. We cleaned, we created, we decluttered and we donated because living with less enables us to be more generous and giving. We promised we would not loose sight of our enlightenment brought on by a global paradigm shift.

We can set ourselves free by minimizing clutter and excess stuff in our lives. The Capitalist world in which we live is set up to consume us, to command our time and convince us to spend more money. Actively choosing what we let into our lives and what we attend to everyday will give us back our power.

Minimalism is characterized by intentionally getting rid of all possible distractions and only owning things that matter, things that have much higher value than just taking up space on the shelf. It is a lifestyle based on design principles suggesting you can create your life by including only what is necessary for your peace of mind and happiness. Anything extra will take away from the harmony you aspire to.



A few easy steps to a minimalist life:

  • Reduce waste by shopping at places like The Refillery
  • Donate anything in your cupboard that you have not worn in a year
  • Get rid of anything in your medicine cupboard that has expired
  • From now on only buy what you love
  • Only buy high quality, well made, timeless pieces. They may cost more but they will last longer and you will spend less in the long run
  • Intentionally turn off your phone and computer at some point everyday
  • Consider a capsule wardrobe

Having fewer, better things gives us back the much needed mental capacity to spend our time on more important things. Free up space by living more intentionally and design a life of greater and more lasting significance.

When shopping, ask questions like, does is fit well? Is it comfortable? Will it last? Is it timeless? And do I love it?

Be more with less because "White space is where the magic happens". (Brian Gardner)



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